Jazz Apples

“Jazz Apples are proud to have Hungry Communications in here running our PR activities. Their boundless enthusiasm, go-getting attitude, passion, drive and determination to succeed, make them THE perfect choice to maximise brand exposure and increase awareness. They are hugely active with tasting shows, local/ national media, brand merchandise, and are social media savvy. We could not ask for anything more.”

 Gary Harrison, Commercial Manager, Jazz Apples


One of the newer varieties of apple, the Jazz Apple has created waves in the apple world since the first commercial batch arrived.

Hungry runs a variety of awareness and sales driven activities for this incredibly tasty and crunchy apple including media relations, the UK Jazz Apple website, an email-able monthly newsletter, the brand social media platforms, plus all the apple’s sampling activity.

We have recently also helped set up the Jazz Apple Foundation – a scheme to provide financial support to individuals, groups and charities.